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If you are relatively new to the cigar world finding your way around can take a little time. The best thing to do is to ask lots of questions of your cigar-smoking friends, but if you’re the kind of guy or gal who doesn’t like to ask for directions, we’ll offer you a bit of help with a brief Cigar Buying Guide — you don’t even have to ask.

There are 4 things you should know about every cigar you consider.

First, discover a cigar’s strength before you fire it up. Strength has to do with how much kick a cigar will deliver and is based on the amount of nicotine in the tobaccos it is rolled from. Nicaraguan leaves, for example, and noted for their Nic Kick. Strength varies within countries, however, based on things like the seed used and whether the wrapper was grown in the sun (stronger) or shade (lighter). In general, lighter wrappers deliver a milder-strength experience while darker shades foretell a stronger smoke. Start with a lighter smoke, and if it doesn’t knock you on your rear, try something a little stronger the next time.

Secondly, learn what you can about a cigar’s flavor. Some smokes are more earthy, with flavors that leave impressions of leather or cedar on the palate. Other cigars offer sweeter, lighter taste, with coffee or espresso common, as well as hints of honey or spice. Reviews, suggestions from others, and sampling various cigars is the best approach to finding flavors you really like.

Next, the origin of the tobaccos used will affect flavor. Some cigars are puros, meaning the filler leaves, binder and wrapper are from the same country. Others offer a blend of tobaccos from 2 or 3 countries. The soil that births the tobacco is the key, and as you get to know cigars and learn their origins names like the Jalapa Valley, San Agustan Valley, Esteli, and Condega will be regions you’re familiar with. The major tobacco-producing countries include Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, and the U.S.

Finally, the size of the cigar will affect not only how long it will last but the flavor and overall smoking experience. In larger cigars, the flavor and sometimes the strength builds as the cigar is smoked. This is less noticeable in smaller cigars. Sizes are not uniform within the industry, by the way. Not all Churchill’s are the same length of ring gauge, in other words. The most common sizes are listed below, with the first number being average length and the second being ring gauge. We’ve also included a very general idea of how long each size, or vitola as they are also known, will last:

Double Corona: 7½–8 x 47–52 (90 + min.)
Churchill: 7 x 46–50 (70-90 min.)
Torpedo: 6½ x 50–52 (60-70 min.)
Toro: 6 x 50 (50-60 min.)
Belicoso: 5–6 x 49–54 (60 min.)
Robusto: 4½–5 x 48–52 (45 min.)
Lonsdale: 6½ x 40–44 (40-45 min.)
Corona: 5–5½ x 40–44 (30-40 min.)
Petit Corona: 5 x 40–44 (25-30 min.)
Panatela: 6 x 26–38 (20-30 min.)

It’s a good idea to select a cigar that fits the time-frame for the occasion. For example, if you’re stopping by your favorite watering hole for a few drinks with friends before dinner, don’t fire up a Churchill or Double Corona – you won’t finish it and may end up wasting what’s left. By the same token, don’t show up for a round of golf with a Corona in tow, you’ll be bumming a cigar off your pals by the 7th tee. And finally, while a lady may smoke any size cigar she pleases, most men stay clear of Petit Corona’s and Panatela’s commonly thought to be sizes crafted for the feminine smoker.

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