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Añejado de Cigarros


Cigar lovers know that cigars are like fine wine, needing to be aged properly to deliver the utmost pleasure once they are enjoyed. Rushing the process might cause you to miss out on the flavor and complexity which is slowly reaching full fruition. Aging the cigar is not a difficult process if you have the right equipment, some patience, and are willing to learn through trial and error. All handmade premium cigar tobaccos are aged prior to being rolled into sticks, and some cigars are aged before distribution. Nonetheless, continuing to let a cigar age after it is in your possession will serve you well. In fact, if you purchase a couple of the same label, and find the first one you smoke is not up to expectations, let the second one age another 6-12 months minimum before you write it off entirely. It might reward you with greatly improved quality.

To age cigars properly requires a quality humidor and humidifier. Once they are in place, load the humidor with your treasure of stogies and set the humidity level to 70%, the peak level for aging and preserving cigars. The second key level is also 70 – but this one refers to temperature. The best temperature is 70F for maintaining cigar taste and performance. Slight variances in these levels will occur, but the point is to pursue them as an average. Vastly fluctuating humidity will cause cigars to swell when it goes up and shrink when it goes down, and wrapper-cracking is the inevitable result. You don’t want your sticks to look like major roads in your area, so keep the humidity level as close to 70%RH as possible.

Other Tips:
1. Use a cedar-lined humidor for the best aging of fine cigars.
2. Resting or aging your cigars for these lengths will produce the following results
1-year: This is the minimum time stogies should age.
2-5 years: Peak flavor is reached in these years. Full-bodied cigars mellow slightly and reach full complexity in 4-5 years.
6-8 years: Rest a cigar this long if you tried one of the batch you bought earlier and it did not meet expectations. If it doesn’t respond in this length of time, it probably isn’t going to get any better.
Longer than 8 years: Not a great idea, unless a certain cigar has sentimental value and you don’t plan to ever fire it up!
3. Leave the cellophane on the cigar if you have a wide variety of smokes. If one humidor is dedicated to very similar cigars taking them out of the cello will allow their flavors to “marry” or blend naturally, leading to a more complex smoking experience.

When do you know a cigar has been aged correctly? Certainly find out what you can from your cigar-smoking acquaintances that enjoy the same smokes, but since different humidors present slightly different aging conditions, this isn’t always reliable. It is best to simply learn through trying cigars from the same batch from time to time, comparing notes from the last one you smoked. That’s where keeping a journal or notebook can be a priceless idea and fantastic contribution to your smoking pleasures!

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